™Race is a word that has been utilized to describe people and their differences. Universally, the word race has a stronger more historical meaning which is geared toward competition such as to run a race against; try to beat in a contest of speed or any related competitive event. Why would such a word be utilized to describe people and their physical appearances? Maybe this explains a lot, maybe it doesn’t! Let’s take a closer look shall we…

™Not all topics are easy to talk about but at times things need to be discussed in order to move on positively in life. Versus (VS.) takes a look at the relationship between two entities providing a deeper look at the past and present connection as well as formulate a positive futuristic outcome by presenting healing and forgiveness but first the problem needs to be recognized and dialogue must be developed. Ready…let’s go!

It’s definitely not that simple but it seems clear that everything is about black and white, although we have so much more in America, maybe it can stem from the error of classification. ™In America “we” as its people and supporters have been placed in categories that may or may not reflect us, but it always seems to be important to CHECK ONE. A.F.R.I.C.A speaks not only of the continent but of the people of America and the placement of identification. Does it make things easier for us? Who speaks for us and why? Does it need clarification and input by the American people?


Everything is somehow connected but hardly discussed and never understood. That can create fuel that we simply do not need.

At some point or another in ones life being a hater or being hated on is an inevitable precursor. But when is enough enough? When does it become such a big problem that it effects everyone and everything?

™To be a hater is to do more than dislike its to destroy!