The term Diversity is defined as a variety of different things. A commonly used word when we state anything that is different no matter if we are speaking in regards to people, places or things. Incluvision brings fourth the discussion among the word ‘diversity’ when it comes to “us” the people in order to understand its true meaning while embracing the vast diverse communities and attributes of America and its occupants.
America shows a great deal of diversity, acceptance is key!



™The word COLLECTIVE means forming a whole; combined. The word IMAGERY is defined as the formation of mental images.

Incluvision uses these two words as separate entities in order to form a uniquely powerful message. WE ALL BELONG!


™Incluvision is the reflection of us all! The importance of what that reflection is and how others, especially you, perceive it is key. As we understand that we are all different with similarities it can be challenging to understand your own self, community and world but all in all there is an acceptance of seeing someone like yourself, knowing that you are not alone can bring comfort to a loss soul. And so many of us are lost!


™™The most important thing to keep in mind is that you need to, want to and deserve to see images of you in order to relate and look in that mirror with all of your flaws and perfections in order to understand that you do not stand alone and now you and everyone in the world is aware of that.