KKK, can we talk?

I want to talk to you brother/sister but I don’t know how. Scared for my life because of the hate you carry around. Can dialog really change this, turn our lives around? I suppose for some, we can’t save them all now!  KH




The KKK and dialog may not go hand in hand for many. Why would anyone want to talk to a group that poses hate, criminal acts, and disrespect for anyone who does not look white. Yes, LOOK”S WHITE, because we have no idea who is what in our society as many people are many different things. Today, on the Steve Harvey Show dialog between unusual members were the primary focus. Steve did something that many of us need to do, and that is to be open to dialog better known as discussions with people in whom we have no RELATION to and people in whom we WANT NOTHING to do with, EVER. Normally because the way they live their lives is so much different than the way we live ours. Our we just find who they are and what they do to be plain EVIL. On today’s show, Steve had a guest by the name of  Daryl Davis an international recording artist by day and a KKK rhetorical analysis at night. Mr. Davis spoke of his ventures as his mission is to promote dialogue with KKK members, yes members, no… not x-members, no… not spectators, but yes members of the KKK in order to answer one question: “How could you hate me if you don’t know me?” Of course, this segment of the show got emotional as the mission of Incluvision is not to write about it but to share it. Can we talk about this? If so, does it always end like this? What are the benefits of dialog?




Also check out the work by Daryl Davis-Accidental Courtesy


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