Dear Black People, GET OVER IT!!

“It doesn’t have to do with color.”


Do we honestly believe that? Do we really think it has nothing to do with color? If that is the case, please¬†tell me why people are treated differently based on their color, based on their background? It is not of ignorance to understand that people of color are treated differently than whites ¬†(even though white is a color). So then let me rephrase that… The color white here in America receives treatment that is different than everyone else’s. Why is that? Is knowing why even important…does it truly make a difference to change it if it’s seen as an issue for some and privilege for others? To sum it up it’s a harmful, way of thinking for us all. Ethnocentrism adds a sense of entitlement and ignorance because one will believe that their race is better, their religion is better, their being and all that is like them is better than all else in the world. Now tell me is that a heathy mentality to have?


Written by Incluvision

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